Rarely does the offer of more individually valuable benefits also hold the promise of equal or lower costs than conventional one-size-fits-all plans. But a Flexpert-designed Flex benefit plan allows your company to be seen to accommodate diversity, cater to personal priorities, involve your people in cost management, and make it easier to lure and easier to retain valuable people in your employ. It helps polish that modern, people-friendly, leading edge image, too.

Life Insurance1 x Income1 x Income5 x Income2 x Income
Vision Care$100/24 monthsNoneNone$300/24 months
DentalBasic Coverage at 80%None-covered by spouseNoneMajor coverage at 100%
Massage Therapy$330/year$700/yearNone$300/year
LTD66 2/3% x income
Payable to age 65
Same only indexed at
Same as
traditional plan
66 2/3% x income
Payable for only 10 years
Prescription DrugsReinbursement at 80%None-covered by spouseNoneDrug card at 100% coverage
OrthodonticsNot availableNoneNone$2,000/lifetime maximum
for each child
Annual Total Cost$2,210$661$774$2,785
Fixed Dollars 'left over'None$1,549*$1,436*None
Employee Extra Payroll
* Available to be invested in an RRSP or a Health Spending Account.