Alison is a runner. A serious runner. A Boston Marathon quality runner. Alison takes health for granted, like sunshine. So outside of occasional massage therapy for a knotted leg muscle, there's not a lot in the company flexible benefit plan to turn her crank. What a runner needs is time to go run marathons. A few extra days off a year is what Alison prefers to dental coverage.
The Flexperts set it up. So it's all gain. No pain.
Jerry is twenty six. And single. Jerry is also immortal. Just ask him. Eyeglasses? Hearing aids? Dental coverage? Jerry could not imagine dental coverage if it stepped on his foot at the bar. But Jerry's mom is a pessimist. She wants him to have extra life insurance in case she has to pay off Jerry's huge student loan. And he does, thanks to the company's flexible benefits plan.
The Flexperts set it all up, hassle-free. Ain't youth great?
Even Gretzky quit, and John is no Gretzky. There is no way John should play hockey twice a week at his age. "We don't hit that hard" says John. Ha! What about his banged up knee? The thirteen stiches and the broken tooth? But John has a flexible benefit plan loaded up with x-rays, accidental dentistry, short-term disability.
The Flexperts set it up, penalty-free. It's kind of John's arrested development insurance.