Just as no two employees are likely to shop exclusively in the same store, or read the same magazines, it is unlikely any one-size-fits-all benefit plan is ideal for the needs of any one employee. Singles, traditional families, dual-income-no-kids folks, working moms, divorced people of every age and stage of life have different needs and priorities which only a flexible benefit plan can address. And as benefit costs inevitably spiral higher, especially as provincial health care plans withdraw coverage, a Flex benefit plan can help employers stabilize, and often actually reduce the cost of providing each employee's optimal benefit package.

By empowering each employee with a "shopping basket" and a budget, and allowing them to evaluate and compare their options on a simple yet sophisticated web site, the real costs and real worth of each benefit becomes clear and appreciable as never before. Degrees of coverage, amounts of deductibles can be chosen to match each employee's perception of risk and practical application. Avoided are the costs of adding blanket benefits to the entire population of employees, only a fraction of whom will ever actually use them.

Finally, when each employee has their shopping basket full of self-chosen benefits that match the available budget, each has gained a unique appreciation of true cost and true worth of the pre-tax dollars the company has made available to them.

Flexpert benefit packages actually deliver more for less, by allowing you to offer each employee more of value than you could afford to offer every employee!